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Part 3
Part 2
Novel along the the American roads of Jill, a young radio entertainer.
In order to be part of an important network, she is submitted for a hard apprenticeship that will lead her to have upsetting experiences between tradition, history and customs of the American small town.
But there is another journey she is unwittingly taking part in. For this reason, at the end of each week she will find herself feeling a different person. She begins to narrate stories from incomprehensible source.
She will come to the end of both journeys waiting for an evaluation.
Meanwhile, her life will be radically changed after discovering the truth about the reasons for her life, until that moment, very complicated.
She'll have to get used to her new condition by accepting a rather unusual job.

«A new land is waiting for us to call home. Don't be afraid. We are all united, and if anyone falters in doubt, let us support them, expecting the same thing when, on this long and difficult journey, it will alsohappen to us.»

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