Following the Great Division, an ancient world was shattered and the souls of its inhabitants were hurled far away. Many of them, unaware of their origin, live alongside us.
The third book, completing the saga of the Wood of Plane, consists of a collection of poems organized into twelve chapters, each of which shows a step in the personal path to obtain a clear soul. Only under these conditions can one become an inhabitant of the Wood of Plane.
We started walking together, followers of the fantasy, without running. The timeless memories hidden in the dark are strange thoughts that guide us. We keep a dream alive, hand in hand, while our soul overlaps until the end of the path.
The journey to self-discovery, seemingly incomprehensible and endless, takes place in solitude, in a spiral of emotions between fear, depression and exaltation.
The end of the path will ultimately lead to the same moment of departure.
We, defeated, marginalized, denied by time, are flowers cultivated on the threshold of infinity.
Poems - Wood of Plane
Wood of Plane
Blues Ale Publishing
September 2023

ISBN 979-12-81450-09-7
Pages 136
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