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What can happen when, as a result of an innocent bet with a child met by chance, you lose all confidence, from the economic to the character? With dismay, life recedes into a slow descent to the margins of society, without being able to remedy.

Marì, a man with an unusual name, to rebuild his life and hope for a positive evolution, takes refuge on an island and start working in a small laboratory in the construction and repair of fishing nets.

Everything seems lost but his spirit, deprived of any previous strength and security, becomes a container ready to receive new and different sensations. Like a river they pour themselves slowly rebuilding a different man.

With multiple visions, he discovers a hidden world, devoid of rules and constraints where, his new rebuilt soul, seems to fit perfectly. It seems fantasy but, slowly, that reality begins to overlap with that of the island, generating confusion.

But the day will come when the kid he played with shows up to ask him to renew his bet. He says he is ready to return his previous economic and character security in exchange for the predispositions obtained.
But the man is doubtful, he wonders if it is worth losing what his spirit has laboriously built on the island to get his old successful life back.

From that decision depends the continuation of his life and access to many other choices that will follow, one after the other, showing his true identity and the reason for that mind-blowing force contained in his spirit.
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Wood of Plane
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Fairy Tales
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